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The Esperance of WiLl

It isn’t easy to make death charming and almost jovial, but director Rene Turtledove accomplishes it in this animation short about an elderly woman who has buried one too many friends and decides there are better ways to spend her money and her time than on the local coffin shop.

U.S. Premiere Screening

Screening date & time: Sunday, October 21, 6:00 pm

Original title: Ceriba dzivot

Director: Rene Turtledove

Runtime: 8 min

Latvia - 2017

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About The Director:

Rene Turtledove is born in Bauska, Latvia on the 16th of October 1991. From 2009 till 2011 he attended Riga Film school courses in writing, directing and history of film. Beginning in 2014 Rene Turtledove has worked at film studio “Drejas” as a documentary film director and editor. Since then Rene has worked in advertising as a director and editor for brand commercials. In 2016 he started writing scripts and assisting the director for film studio “Platforma Film”. In 2017 he debuted as an animation film director for the film “The Esperance of Will”.