wild game

Fifteen-year-old Liis has a bad feeling about joining other teenagers for a hunting trip in the woods, but she is pressured into going along, most of all by a boy to whom she is not completely indifferent. The translucently photographed short by Jeronimo Sarmiento confirms her misgivings, but  also suggests that she will never again be bullied into anything.

NYC Premiere Screening

Screening date and time: Friday, October 19, 5:00 pm

Original title: Jahiloom

Director: Jeronimo Sarmiento

Runtime: 25 min

Language: Estonian with English subtitles

Estonia - 2017


About The Director:

Jerónimo Sarmiento started his career studying Filmmaking and TV at UNAL (Colombia, 2010), took film courses in Image and Sound Design at UBA (Argentina, 2007) and finished his Masters in Fiction Film Directing at KinoEyes MA: Universidade Lusofona (Portugal), Screen Academy Scotland (UK) and BFM (Estonia). His professional career has been focused as director, photographer and cinematographer for short films, commercials, documentaries and music videos, which have been produced in Colombia and Europe. His short films have been part of official selection in film festivals in Europe, Latin America and Russia. After his last short film ‘Wild Game’, he is writing his first feature film to start development in 2018. Since 2009 he has focused his work as founder and creative director in the Colombia-based company LotusLink Creative House.