Pank tells the story of the rise of one of the most successful banks in the Baltic States, based on real characters and events in Estonia just after the collapse of the Soviety Union. During a key transition point in history — as everything old has been removed, with nothing new yet in place — Toomas is working at a local gas station to pay his way through school. When a random conversation with a customer lands him a job at a new, rapidly growing bank, he finds himself suddenly catapulted into a nerve hub of major deals and complex transactions. Working alongside the tough and focused Ülle, the bank’s CFO and one of its original founders — and one of very few women in the industry — Nordbank becomes a second home for both as it rapidly prospers.

Working hard and partying harder as their careers deliver one success after the other, Toomas and Ülle become blind to the destruction that Nordbank is leaving in its wake. But they’ll soon learn that success comes at a price: When you’re winning, you can’t always see what you’re losing.

North American Premiere Screening

Screening date & time: Friday, November 8, 7:15 pm

Creators: Eero Epner and Tarmo Jüristo

Runtime: 108 min

Language: Estonian with English subtitles

2018 - Estonia


About The Creators:

Eero Epner - top - (b. 1978) graduated from Tartu University as an art historian and worked as a dramaturg in Theatre NO99 from 2004 to 2018. He has collaborated as dramaturg and playwright with various directors on over 70 theatre productions, and has also curated contemporary art exhibitions, written articles and monographs on various artists, written theater criticism and edited an art magazine, among other things. Pank is his first work as a scriptwriter.

Tarmo Jüristo - bottom - (b. 1971) has been working as a playwright and dramaturg since 2011. Previously, Jüristo worked for almost 20 years in different senior management positions in finance and banking, and is now the Head of the Management Board at the think tank Praxis. He has been involved in various theater productions with the Von Krahl Theatre and Theatre NO99 in Estonia. Pank is his first work as a scriptwriter.

Awards and Festivals

Serial Killer TV Series Festival

Geneva International Film Festival