Harri is an army officer who is posted far enough from home that he rarely gets to see his 10-year-old son. In an attempt to make up for this, he and the boy go off on a ‘roughing it' trip to an island. But when they miss the ferry, Harri takes an icy road over the frozen sea to their destination. The ominous decision is photographed brilliantly under the direction of Anna Hints.

U.S. Premiere Screening

Screening date & time: Sunday, October 21, 6:00 pm

Original title: Jää

Director: Anna Hints

Runtime: 15 min

Language: Estonian with English subtitles

Estonia - 2017

Anna Hints.jpg

About The Director:

Anna Hints (1982) has studied literature, folklore and has a BA both in photography and film directing. She has a background in Estonian contemporary art scene. In her art she has explored questions of identity, the concept of personal and cultural memory, and the backstage of our fears and desires. Anna is active in two musical groups. She is a singer who combines old Estonian runo songs with voice improvisation. Currently she is developing her first feature documentary and her first feature fiction film. Her student film "Free World" won the National Grand Prix at Sleepwalkers Short Film Festival of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. "Ice" is her debut short fiction.


Critics Award - Festival Les Enfants terribles (Belgium)

Best Cinematography - West Nordic International film festival (Norway)

Best International Short Film - Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Flor Azul 2017 (Argentina)

Regional Committee Award - First Short Film Festival (France)

Coup de Coeur du Jury - 24 Short Film festival

Best Short Film in extralarge section - Dieciminuti Film Festival (Italy)

Best Soundtrack - Dieciminuti Film Festival (Italy)

Best Short Film - Estonian Film and TV Award (EFTA) - (Estonia)

Best Cinematography - Short to the Point - (Romania)

Best Fiction Short - Redline International Film Festival (England)