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511 Best photographs from mars

Estonian film makers had a delicious sense of humor even back in the occupation days, and exhibit number one is this droll look at the ladies and their gentlemen at tea in city cafeterias where the condiments included milk, lemon, and airs. Director Andres Soot’s sparkling music track includes the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Handel, and Strauss.

NYC Premiere Screening

Screening date & time: Thursday, October 18, 7:00 pm

Original title: 511 paremat fotot Marsist

Director: Andres Soot

Runtime: 15 min

Estonia - 1968

Language: Estonian with English subtitles.



About The Director:

Andres Sööt (b. 1934). Selected filmography: Ruhnu (1965), 511 Best Photographs of Mars (511 paremat fotot Marsist, 1968), Conductors (Dirigendid, 1975), Midsummer Day (Jaanipäev, 1978), Year of the Dragon (Draakoni aasta, 1988), Konrad Mägi (2001), Camino (2011)